Flourishing in Ministry Meeting - Academic Colloquia

Location: Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC

The Flourishing in Ministry (FiM) project from the University of Notre Dame and Wesley Theological Seminary are co-hosting the first colloquia to be held in Washington DC on August 11-12. This colloquia will bring together 12 experts to explore and discuss our program of research on pastoral wellbeing. This group of thought leaders from all over the country (which includes Matt Bloom, David McAllister-Wilson, Dan Aleshire, Chris Adams, Tod Bolsinger, Peter Cha, David Wood, Charisse Gillette. Stephen Lewis, Penny Long-Marler, Richard Pitt, and David Roozen) will work with the FiM team to analyze and interpret the results we have obtained from our research. A major emphasis of this colloquia will be translating research results into practice-based insights. Mike McCurrry, former press secretary for the Clinton administration will  address the group during the meeting. The group will also work with the FiM team to help design future research projects.  

We are grateful these experts have agreed to partner with the FiM team, and we look forward to benefiting from their expert insights, advice, and guidance. After the colloquia has closed, we will post more information, insights and ideas from the meetings.