Principle Investigator Matt Bloom addresses Volunteers of America

Author: Kim Brennan

Matt Bloom at Volunteers of America

Matt Bloom (Principle Investigator for Wellbeing at Work and Professor at the University of Notre Dame) was the keynote speaker at the annual meeting for VOA. He spoke about disruptive ideas and innovation. He believes we have the power to shape and influence ideas and behavior that stir the imagination and make anything possible. "At its very best, disruptive thinking and innovation revolutionize the status quo." Innovative thinking can change anything for the better.

Volunteers of America for over 115 years has taken on the the challenges and most difficult tasks of serving the most vulnerable. Their founders Maud and Ballington Booth envisioned a movement dedicated to "reaching and uplifting the American people." This year's Volunteers of America annual conference in Los Angeles was entitled "Reach for Stars" so as to continue to build on the dream of their founders, with "strength, patience, and passion-changing lives one person at a time."