Resiliency In The Helping Professions

Author: Thomas M. Skovholt & Michelle Trotter-Mathison

At the Well-Being at Work project, we focus on the traditional helping professions.  Some of the variables we aim to better understand are burnout, resilience, and sacrifice.  The Resilient Practitioner (Skovholt & Trotter-Mathison, 2011) is a book that outlines some of the research, theory, and strategies that can explain the mechanisms at work in the helping professions and includes attention to the joys and strains of caring for others.  This is one of many resources that exists and focuses on helping those who care for others. For example, the American Psychological Association website ( has an abundance of resources related to work life in the Psychological Help Session.  As researchers, we strive to provide empirical evidence that we can translate into beneficial practices for helping professionals.