Wabash Leadership Pastoral Program

Author: Kim Brennan

Professor Matt Bloom was the keynote speaker for the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program.  The Wabash Leadership Pastoral Program is under written by the Lilly Endowment Inc. The Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program: Reflect and discuss the gospel. Engage Indiana leaders. Be honored for their calling.  The leadership program will provide a rich understanding of the public domain in Indiana along with all the Christian resources that will assist them in preparing for a major leadership role in the future.  "The goals of the program are to enhance excellence in ministry, to raise the professional and social status of ministry appropriately by expanding their circles of contacts and influence."
Professor  Bloom's keynote centered on Becoming and Being a Pastor.  He cited that pastors have one of the most diverse jobs and thus "switching" channels is extreme; they become Expert Generalists.  The need for mentors, becoming a member of and being respected by your peer community, and affirmation which comes typically from the parishioners allows a pastor to obtain   personal and professional authenticity.