When the Going Gets Tough?

Author: Mary Bales

Growth Mindset in Teachers 

Carol Dweck is a leading research on the topic of fixed versus growth mindset.  At one end of the continuum, individuals with a fixed mindset view the world and learning as an innate, static quality.  Individuals on the opposite end, the growth mindset view, believe that success (or failure) is based on effort, learning, and persistence.  While much of the research has focused on students, Heggert (2015) delves into the topic of the mindset of teachers and employees.  Because the researchers at Well-Being at Work focus on the identity development, understanding growth mindset can promote a deeper understanding of what it means to flourish in  the helping professions.

Mindfulness in Schools 

Researchers at Well-Being at Work have an ongoing question surrounding methods to promote positive work experiences. Mindfulness is one of these methods.  Much of the current research focuses on student mindfulness, but researchers are beginning to pay attention to mindfulness practices of helping professionals. Keegan (2015) recently wrote about strategies to include for students.  How can teachers apply these same strategies in their own lives?